Category Topics

News & Announcements

All news and updates related to Niantic Wayfarer and the Explorer Community will be posted here. (only Admin can post here)

General Discussion

General Discussion: a category for all topics related to Wayfarer and the Explorer Community that do not fall under the other categories in the forum community.


This is the place for all questions regarding Wayfarer Challenges.

Review Support

This category is for us to help each other determine how to review - what drives eligibility and ineligibility? How do we use our best judgment on nuanced nominations?

Nomination Support

This category is intended to help you figure out either why your nomination was rejected or how to improve one before you submit it.

Wayfarer Basics

This is the recommended starting point for new Wayfinders. Learn the fundamentals of Wayfarer.

Criteria Clarification Collection

As mentioned before the move to our new forum, here is the post collecting the criteria clarifications we’ve made on the forums in the past. We made sure to work with the Ambassadors to ensure we didn’t miss any vital information on categories we’ve elaborated on in the past. Keep in mind that meeting Eligibility and Acceptance Criteria does not mean that the nomination should get all thumbs up in the review. Use your best judgment about whether a contribution is significant enough and appropriate for the Niantic map, and use available reviewing options as needed. Also seeing an already approved Wayspot within any game doesn’t mean that this or similar nominations meet the Acceptance Criteria. If still in doubt, feel free to leverage available resources such as the Wayfarer Help Center or reach out to the community in Review Support.

Wayspot Appeals

Nomination Appeals should take place within your Contribution Management page for both Nominations and Edits. Here you can appeal rejected invalid Wayspot reports or request that removed Wayspots be restored if they didn’t meet removal criteria. (nomination & edit appeals not accepted)

Forum Suggestions

What changes would you like to see to this forum?

Bug Reports & Technical Support

This section is for bugs related to the Wayfarer site, the Wayfarer forum, or the Wayfarer process. You may also report bugs related to making nominations or edits within the games. Any other game bugs should be reported to the individual game team through their official channel.

Known Issues

The Known Issues category will be used to share known issues impacting the Wayfarer ecosystem (i.e. nominating, reviewing, appealing, etc). While creating new topics will be limited to Niantic Admin/Moderators, you’ll be able to reply to topics to give us your feedback, comments, etc.