Pokestop Removal Appeal

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Title of the Wayspot: Central Park Fountain at Fox Valley Mall

Location:  (41.758627, -88.212864)

City: Aurora, IL

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Email:

Recently I submitted a photo edit for this waypoint, which has existed for years in Ingress and Pokemon Go. The photo in Ingress/IITC did not exist (green static) and the photo disc in Pokémon Go featured an unfortunate photo of the ENTIRE FACE of several children sitting on the fountain’s edge.

Unfortunately, the waypoint is located within 20m of another waypoint in the game, and the photo edit was accepted after the proximity rules were changed to be stricter to prevent abuse. I did not make the original submission, which far predates Pokémon Go and was likely misplaced due to GPS drift inside the mall, but I did make the location edit almost a year ago, which moved it to its correct and accurate location. This was NOT an abusive location edit and happened well before the rule change, which did not cause the pokestop to disappear.

The unfortunate consequence of my more recent photo edit is that this portal was removed from Pokemon go, but still appears in Ingress.

I would like to appeal for the pokestop to be restored as well. This location edit is correct, was not abusive, and happened long ago. The photo edit removed an identifiable child from the in-game photo, and I feel as though I was punished for this good deed by having the pokestop removed.

Thank you for your consideration!

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