Wayspot nomination rejected - Monument sign mistaken as a store or restaurant?

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Title of the Wayspot: MeadowWood North Monument Sign

Location: 47°40'06"N / 117°06'05"W

City: Liberty Lake, Washington

Country: United States

Rejection Email:

Photos to support:

Additional Information: First off, I cannot understand how this was mistaken for a generic store or restaurant. Secondly, it's important to note that this is NOT an entry sign into a private housing development, it's near public buildings such as the sewer and water district, city hall, and acts as a marker to the overall community filled with multiple housing developments, schools, parks, golf courses, and access to the lake. It's also positioned on a public walking path, making it a perfect place for a stop. It's significant to the community and safely accessible.

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    Nia is not reviewing rejected PokeStop submissions. You can submit it again, but they wont accept it. its all by the community.

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    I'm done. If the community can't responsibly review stops, what's the point?

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    I also got rejected playgrounds. There are always inconsistances. At least, didnt waist an upgrade like I have to do on every single nomination^^

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    This is not a monument but a community name sign. And most reviews didn't think it was architecturally interesting enough to be eligible.

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    Be fair, it's not a great candidate is it? Little or no historical or artistic value. I doubt it is used as a meeting point. It is essentially just a big "welcome to..." sign. I mean I've seen worse things get through, but this is pretty borderline. I'd probably 2-3 star this most of the way, with 5-star for location and accessibility. This is not a guaranteed approval.

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    That's a fair enough point, but why would it not be a good stop? It's one of the more interesting landmarks in the area. If something like this can't get accepted, there's no hope of anything further getting accepted in my community.

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    Is it not? It's one of the more interesting landmarks of the community I live in. If something like this can't get accepted, there's no hope of anything further getting accepted in my community. Just because, comparably, it's not as significant as points of interest in more historic towns, does that make it a bad stop? How are younger, newer communities supposed to get new waystops if the only criteria is historic or artistic value? It's a visual landmark along a walking path. I walk by it often and it would make for a great stop.

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    I'm not unsympathetic to the problems faced by players in non-urban and new community areas. I had a quick look on Intel and Google maps. It does seems that most of the obvious things already have portals. There is an athletics center next to the post office that might be worth a try.

    All I can think of is to double check that all churches, libraries, post offices, fountains, community gardens, parks, sports areas, playgrounds etc. are already taken. There is usually no problem getting any of them through.

    You should also check the updated criteria (if you haven't already). They've clarified the rules on local businesses making them easier to get approved, although it will probably be awhile before reviewers change their habit of 1-star any business at all.

    I would try resubmitting this portal. You might have just been unlucky. Work on the title and description a bit. Don't call them monuments, because they're not. Maybe call it something like "Gateway to Meadowood". Talk about when it was built and its significance. Basically, stick to talking about the POI itself rather than what else is in the area. For more (and considerably better) help I recommend the 'nomination improvement' section of this forum.

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    I appreciate your time and feedback. I'll do some additional searching for potential stop locations beyond this one. Maybe by listing it as a monument sign people though it was a store or restaurant? I'll try your suggestion and call it the gateway to MeadowWood and dig up some additional information.

    I added the information about the points of interest in the area because the first time this was rejected, someone said it was on private property, which is also not the case. My thought was that the reviewers thought this was a sign to a private housing development rather than a gateway to the community so I added information explaining what it was.

    I figured I would post it to appeals because I felt it was incorrectly labeled as a generic store, not knowing that Niantic won't appeal nominations.

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    I really can't see why anybody would think that was on private residential property. They might think it was a gated community and while gated community POIs are perfectly eligible, a lot of reviewers don't like them. Another possible issue is that some time ago Niantic issued an advisory that POIs within 40m of PRP should receive extra scrutiny. Some reviewers have mistakenly taken this to mean a ban on POIs within that distance. I would try to get around any PRP issues by putting something like "situated by a path through a small public park, this blah blah blah" in the extra info bit.

    The reasons given on the rejection email are often rubbish. It's the result of reviewers 1-staring and then just pressing the first reason they see so they can quickly move on to the next review. Sometimes they might be valid, so worth reading, but expect a lot to make just no sense at all.

  • Appeal Denied - Thanks for the appeal, Trainer. We're not currently reviewing PokéStop submissions. Please resubmit the nomination by improving its title/description if you feel that it was a valid nomination.

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