Lengerich power box shuffle

Title of the Wayspot: below

Location: intelmap links below

City: Lengerich/Westf.

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: none, as I was insecure of whether they're just mismatches ore entire fakes

Photos to support your claim: below

Additional information: below

1.) "Sonnenblumenfeld" located at

is a doublicate of

2.) "Poke Party" located at:

could not be observed at given location and I was unable to find it anywhere else in Lengerich. Therefore all I can offer are geo-tagged fotos of the claimed location which show that not even a single powerbox is found up there:

3.) "Stromkastenkunst an der Kleefeldstraße" located at:

This Portal is a redesigned version of "Picture of Energy", easily identified by the circumstance that the powerbox is labled as number 13 as it is found here:

Perhaps you might not want to go beyond replacing the pictures as "Picture of Energy" is still a better title than a road at a mismatched location, though "Blumenwiese" might be suitable.

4.) "Stromkasten Canyonblick" located at:

is not found too far away near a car dealership (perhaps gps drift via redacted scanner):

5.) "Bernadet" looks like she was part of an exhibition called the "Alltagsmenschen" formerly located across the street, while being removed some time ago:


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