Lengerich II

Title of the Wayspot: below

Location: below (intelmap hyperlinks)

City: Lengerich/Westf.

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: none, was not sure whether mismatches or entirely faked

Photos to support your claim: below

1.) "Musik Mural Lengerich" supposed to be found here:

Actually you`d find it right next to the POI "Lengerich Römer"

2.) "Feuerwehrwagen" supposed to be at:

3.) "Bunte Figuren" is supposed to be here:

It is found right next to "Lengerich Clock" and a duplicate is found here (Modern Art Energie), despite being the backside:

4.) ""Sparschwein" Mural" is supposed to be here:

It was found near the Sparkasse, a local bank that might have been involved covering the costs it takes to paint powerboxes arround town.

5.) "Friedrich von Bodelschwingh" and the infoboard is located right at the church:


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