Lengerich III

Title of the Wayspot: below

Location: below (intelmap)

City: Lengerich/Westf.

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: none, as I was insecure about what was real and what needs to be moved to where it belongs.

1.) This one is quite difficult to describe as it involves mismatsches, multiplets and even a piece of truth.

Consider the "JuZe" as a valid Wayspot, the concrete walls surrounding its estate were used to create pieces of graffiti art. However some of the were used to generate multiple spots

a.) "Shoco" is no longer found here

b.) "Traumland Mural" was found on the back hand wall just a couple of weeks ago, I was unable to create geotagged fotos at that time though, therefore I've added a geotagged foto of the location it is supposed to be found at:

c.) "Blaumeise und Rotkehlchen Mural" - This spot should replace "Shoco" as its position seems to match niantics standards and it might have been created by a professional artist, whos works stand out as much that they remain to be preserved.



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