Niantic and Location Ratings / Outdated Reviewer Test

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This sounds like a weird one, but hear me out.

We've all done the Reviewer Test so we're probably all familiar with that one question about the giant wicker basket. The problem with this question is that Niantic would now specifically request that the location of the pin be moved to the object, therefore the correct answer to that test question is move the pin and 5 star, not 3 star because the object is "in the area".

Because Niantic haven't amended this question to reflect what reviewers can now do on Wayfarer (I'm assuming at some point during OPR it wasn't possible to relocate pins), we've now got guidance saying the location should be accurate but an actual test that doesn't mention that a pin 30m off the object should be moved. And we know in the test scenario that 3* location should be an acceptance.

So the questions I'm really asking:

1) Are Niantic *actively encouraging* pins to be misplaced because of their outdated Reviewer Test questions? (There's more than just this one question that needs updating btw)

2) Would Niantic prefer reviewers to 3 star inaccurate locations that are seemingly in the immediate area or move the pin to a more accurate location and 5 star?

3) At a time when many submitters are actively looking for ways to get more Wayspots in all Niantic Games, where does Niantic stand on submissions where the location is not "pixel perfect"? How far away from the object would Niantic want submitters to place the location pin? How far away from the object should the pin be before Niantic expects reviewers to move the pin to the appropriate location?

4) Due to the increase in fake submissions and those where the original and supporting photo do not match, would Niantic encourage reviewers to reject submissions based on location (I.e. 1 star that criterion or 1 star overall) or lower their rating to 2 stars in order to preserve the integrity of the database if any Streetview or Satellite view available contradicts the presence of the nominated object at the submitted location?


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    One of the things that frustrates me about this is that people are misplacing pins because the object is somewhere unsafe (middle of roundabout) and are placing it on the nearest pavement and claiming that “it’s within a certain distance so that’s acceptable”.

    I know you guys at Niantic like to think the best of everyone but the reality is some people will abuse any system and unless you really spell it out to them they will make up their own rules to get round the guidance

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    This exactly. There was also a question in the Wayfarer test that asked about a certain vehicle in the middle of the roundabout and it asked whether to rate is 5* for accuracy, 3* for away from the object (which was to the side of the roundabout's pavement) and 1* for could not be found. Naturally it's 3* for location. Some people will get this question, but its complimentary question, asking whether the same nomination has "safe pedestrian access" or not is not always shown in the randomised test.

    Generally speaking, reviewers will not even reach the location criterion question because they will immediately 1* it for pedestrian access. Naturally speaking, elements of the Wayfarer test go back to a very early version where 1-starring the first question did not prompt the reject reason window so you had to 1* everything else manually, a phase where you could not suggest a new location, and at times, when checking for duplicates window did not work by design.

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