Are hotels a points eligible for wayspot?

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I'm talking about big hotels in small cities, not taking into account hotel chains. Since they are points where foreigners usually come to get to know your city.

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    I would accept little hotels when they act like a secret tipp for tourists. Big hotels are most likely generic. Maybe look for a sculpture or some interesting arcitecture on big hotels.

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    It very much depends on if the hotel is historically significant.

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    If there's historic relevance or unique architecture or even something that makes it stand out from other hotels, then absolutely. If they're just a hotel with nothing interesting about them, then no.

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    Many hotels (even if part of a chain) are dime-a-dozen common businesses. Hotels like the Plaza Hotel in New York, The Belvedere in Baltimore, The Watergate in DC all meet one or more of the historical significance, architectural aesthetic, and social gathering (These places are popular tourist destinations).

    Things someon would say: 'I visited New York and saw The Plaza Hotel'!

    Things nobody would say: 'I visited Fort Lauderdale and saw The Crown Inn'.

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    I would argue that a Conference/Convention centre would be a valid wayspot. These places have halls/auditoriums that host anything from ComicCon to the Psychic Fair to a wedding and/or reception.

    No, I don't mean when a hotel just has a "business centre" where you can set up your laptop and work remotely.

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    Some hotel lobbies have fountains or local artwork, those can be submitted instead

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