Someone has trying to make a clustered Pokestops

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Title of the Wayspot: [see below]

Location: [see below]

City: Kuta, Bali

Country: Indonesia

Found this during review. Someone has created a clustered Pokestops consisting of 4 Pokestops. Those 4 stops are not only fake (consisting of 1 temple, 2 statues, and 1 small shrine), but also all of them located at private residential property (probably couch Pokestops).

Satelite view of that Pokestops:

And, Street view of at least 3 Pokestops. You can see them were located at someone's house:

And, detail of Pokestops:

1. Miracle Temple -8.627088,115.173598

2. Sanggah Dalung -8.626903,115.172663

3. Welcome Statue at Dalung -8.626883,115.172577

4. Black Temple -8.626759,115.172605

Note: there are possibilities that all of them are actually exist somewhere (and the submitter was just abusing location edit back then), however I couldn't confirm them as I've running out of review time.

Please take a look at this. Thank you.

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