Backlog feedback in light of new guidelines

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Hi everyone!

Now that the November AMA came and went, I feel it's about the right time to check all my rejected nominations and see if anyone has the potential to be accepted under the new (somewhat) clarified criteria.

I came up with a list of 14 POIs that I think have enough merit to be accepted. Since I didn't want to flood the place with three dozens screenshots, I compiled everything into a bunch of spreadsheets on Google Sheets (yes, it took way too long to put together).

Click here to see the list

Because my game isn't in English, I don't have the official rejection reasons. So instead I included my own reflection on what went wrong as notes at the end of each spreadsheet. I also gave each of them a personal confidence level, because I know some of them are really long shots. When some idea to improve the nomination, I already completed the "New" Column, but nothing is set in stone.

There are a handful of nominations I felt confident enough about to already resubmit them, but I still included them in case I have missed an obvious rejection criteria.

Anyway, if you have any question about my nominations let me know. Thanks in advance for any constructive feedback you can give me to improve!

PS: There are a bunch of hyperlinks (translation of non-English texts, Street View locations, full-sized pictures...) so if I messed anything up let me know.


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