Edit Location Issue

Title of the Wayspot: Miller Park East Baseball Field

Location: 42.529036,-82.977789

City: Warren

Country: USA

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Here is an edit that was done to "improve" the location of this baseball field wayspot. The old location is below the pokestop icon in the image, and of course the current location is the circle with the POI's name under it.

From what I understand in the Placemarkers for Large Areas guidelines, the marker should be placed "at the entrance" of a sports field (and of course not on the playing field so there's no interruption). Now this could be placed on both right and left sides of the fence.

Granted I'm not wrong with my above statement, the positioning of where it was is a valid spot. I don't know how you determine which side of the baseball field it should be on (I see some people putting it on the other side of the field when reviewing often times), but I believe it should be where the POI can inform everyone of a wayspot so they can explore it as long as it's still within reasonable range.

The problem is edits like these can be used to remove the wayspot from some games. And that's what happened here. The wayspot was moved to be somewhat further away from the baseball field (and one of the entrances) but being somewhat more centered, moving it into a cell with another POI occupying it.

I hope you're albe to see how people can edit locations of wayspots that may not be perfectly centered, but still completely valid under the guidelines so that way not everyone will see the wayspot in game (and how it can be used maliciously).

Although what I'm discussing is somewhat of a larger issue, I feel it's important to bring up with such a great example. I appreciate your time and consideration!



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