Shouldn't this "Generic Business" be a slam dunk nomination now?

Firstly, yes I know there is no "slam dunk nomination", but in my mind this should be as close to one that can find in this category. I've seen a couple of other nominations of this place, but they had minimal documentation and description, so the few I've seen, I can understand was rejected under the old guidelines.

Although the way I built my nomination I thought it would qualify for those that hadn't read the new guidelines, and at least it would be a great nomination according to the new - "A great place to be social with others". The added URL is to the local city newspaper (Bergens Tidene) that ran the award, an article detailing the awards this place won.

Is there something I and my friends, who helped building the description and supporting info, have completely misunderstood?


Winner of Bergens Tidenes' award Bergen Best Kebab in 2010 and Take-away in 2011. People travel from the neighboring municipalities here when they get craving for "Daniels". The premises were renovated in 2020. If you choose to eat inside, you can look at those who play on the Lyngbø soccer field.

Supporting info: (The plaques on the supporting image is the awards they won)

As if a kebab shop that has won a city's best award 2 years in a row, in the country's second largest city, is not unique enough, Nia has also opened up to more easily approve local gathering places in the new guidelines of Nov2020. I have friends who sometimes drive 3 miles to buy a kebab here.


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