Rejected Nominations

I had a couple that keep getting rejected and I have no idea why... the reasons are always random (eg "seasonal or temporary" "abusive" "cant find location" etc

Everything I am posting has been rejected multiple times and I have no idea why (in most cases, a few I will discuss why and what I try to show)

#1 CP Rail Bridge

Not only is this concrete monstrosity visually unique (imo) it is clearly a pedestrian bridge (which is allowed as per rules) to cross the train tracks. In picture note the sign showing you must dismount bikes to walk across (which we know noone ever does lol)

#2 Canadian Cycling Hall of Fame (located inside the Milton Pan Am Velodrome). Pan Am games have historical and cultural value, and the wall of plaques is certainly better (imo) than the random plaques people have in game (eg a plaque beside a tree dedicated to a non famous person). EVERY plaque on this wall IS a famous person

#3 & 4 Maps located in public parks

#5 (and a bunch more, all are visually similar) Park Signage

#6 Historical Signage located inside parks (gets rejected as private property???) It discusses area, historical figures, AND it has map of the park

#7 Athletic Centre (which is obv open to public or how do I go in to take pics.... contrary to voters)

#8 A garden topiary (so ARTWORK) located at entrance to Toronto Zoo

#9 Quarry Sign (which I think is very visually interesting)

#10 Non Christian Churches I find are VERY difficult to get in game

#11 Shark Mouth (giant - nearly 10 ft tall) statue at entrance to kids play land. They already allowed playlands (eg McDonalds) so why does this keep getting rejected? Certainly visually unique

Lots more but these ones in particular are baffling me


  • HannesTheHammer-PGOHannesTheHammer-PGO Posts: 97 ✭✭✭

    from my point of view

    #5 I would describe these as generic street signs and reject them

    #8 You are using a loose definition of artwork over here. It is fun, but temporary (needs to be maintained continuously) and a natural feature (a trimmed ****)

    #11 Why aren't you nominating the whole playground instead? The shark mouth is removable and doesn't appear to be permanent.

    #7 It might be better to submit photos of the building instead of the indoor courts. IMO a great potential poi

  • Kellerrys-INGKellerrys-ING Posts: 694 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just the photos don't tell everything about your nominations, but...

    1) generic bridge / infrastructure

    2) should be fine, but indoor nominations are a hard sell for location confirmation. Consider photo sphere. For the photo, lose the empty box in it! Mention the framed shirts as well.

    3-4) Infoboards (not just maps), fine.

    5) park sign or park rules sign, not sure myself

    6) Fine

    7) why inside picture?

    8) Fine.

    9) If real, should be fine. In the photo, it looks like text is photoshopped. Might get lazy and quick "fake, 1*" reviews.

    10) In my understanding Qu'ran institute is not (necessarily) a place of worship, but a place of education. Not saying it can't be eligible, but it's not "non christian church".

    11) Wouldn't know how to review this without context, but statue it is not. It doesn't help that it seems to be movable.

  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 3,300 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2020

    1) Generic concrete - 1* The object is mass-produced, generic, or not visually unique or interesting.

    2) POI inside a building. Hard to accurately get a location. Could it be considered part of the Velodrome and be a Duplicate / within 20m of a POI?

    3) Map - Fine 4/5*

    4) Map - Fine 4/5*

    5) "Welcome to". Generic / Road sign. 1* The object is mass-produced, generic, or not visually unique or interesting.

    6) Neighborhood sign. Get a close shot of the sign for the main photo so people can read it - title it "XXX Historic Neighborhood" or similar. Make sure your supporting photo inclusdes the sign so reviewers can place it easily.

    7) Athletic Centre - Take a photo from outside showing the name of the building - "XXX Athletic Centre"

    8) Should be ok but is it too close to a "Zoo Entance " POI - I assume there would be one already.

    9) Quarry Sign - 1* Generic business - is there predestrian access - those places usually have a lot of big lorries coming and going..

    10) Mosque - should go through as a 4/5* in the same way Churches do.

    11) Shark Mouth Indoor play are - needs to be locatable - if inside a resteraunt would be considered part of that. If the only way kids can go there is because the parents are visiting / paying for a resteraunt meal then i would call this a "Generic business", they are not going to want 20 pople going in there for a PoGo raid only.

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 797 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I recommend you pick one at a time to have us help you improve that one - very hard to comment on such a huge group and the issue may be with your descriptions or supporting information. A lot of things get rejected because the supporting information doesn't show the poi in place.

    Great comments above - I don't think anyone has mentioned the selfie shadow in the one photo that could be the reason that was rejected.

  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 3,300 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I know that "shadows" are sometimes mentioned as a reason for rejection, but honestly, that seems like nit-picking to the highest level. I have no problems with an "accidental shadow" in a photo, thats not a reason for rejection - no one can be identified from their shadow.

  • GodZillaz88-INGGodZillaz88-ING Posts: 27 ✭✭

    Welp thanks for feedback all (that is why I wanted to throw these out here as to me they seemed to meet all criteria and quite honestly I have gotten some far worse WayPoints approved in game so was wondering why these get rejected, some of them VERY quickly ... eg Shark Mouth I think everyone is voting 1*)

    Some clarifications to previous posters

    @cyndiepooh-ING ironically I have gotten portals approved in game without realizing picture is bad simply due to weather conditions. I have 2 where there was a very obvious fully clear reflection of myself taking the picture. I went back after I realized and submitted a 2nd photo and voted for it hoping to bury my mistake

    The most interesting feedback in on #11 that is for sure.... @HannesTheHammer-PGO @Kellerrys-ING both threw out the concept that the Shark mouth could be "moveable". That thought never even crossed my mind.... it is HUGE and physically solid no chance to move. (Safety reasons as well since kiddies all running around...). Picture wise that area is quite tough to take a "good" picture of due to building and sightlines. I may try a different angle (maybe from the upstairs balcony). I had focused on Shark Mouth even because of the non-boring appearance (vs just a generic pic of slides / climb structures etc) thinking it would improve chances to get accepted

    #1 I suppose is beauty (or hideousness) in eye of the beholder. This MASSIVE concrete monstrosity is just beyond bizarre imo. The "simple pedestrian bridge" to cross the railroad has 8 huge entry / exit points, 4 sets of stairs (goes up multiple stories), and 2 dual bike ramps. Pedestrian bridges were allowed as per AMA and this "thing" is so unique visually I thought for sure it makes a great portal (plus so large it shows up on not only street view but you can even see it from satellite views)

    The other interesting comment (from Kellerrys) was the comment that the picture could have been photo-shopped? I'm very curious what gives that impression? (I also of course gave the surrounding area pic etc as well). @sogNinjaman-ING yeah def has TONS of truck traffic in the area, HOWEVER on the north side (where I stood + took photo) happens to be a Conservation Area Park. I was able to get the trailhead in game, plus Streetview will confirm it so pedestrian access should not be an issue (but its possible people are afraid of 10 GO players in cars blocking Quarry access... I actually walk around so had not considered that possibility)

    Only other comment I need to clarify is on #2 and #7. My pictures may not have made this clear, but this is a huge building (Mattamy Pan Am Velodrome). Both portals are at exact same building. This is why pictures are both indoor pics. I suppose if non-locals are voting the Pan Am Games may not mean as much as say the Olympics but this Sports Village + University is a major deal for locals. I actually placed 12 portals in WayFarer, 4 of which (so far) have been approved in game.

    #5 I kind of suspected but really bugs me as I have seen far worse signs in game and the park I showed in example (Ford Park) is actually one of the newest parks in town so all new signage looks like this now. Ironically (to me) the old blue signs (which are being removed and replaced with the "generic" white signs) seem to be accepted far more often.

    #8 is not close to the 2 existing portals (gate portal is on other side and cafe - which IS a generic biz - happens to be a good 250+ metres away. But yeah I guess the seasonal nature of plants + fact they may change them next year is blocking it

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 797 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have had that happen to me, so wanted to share it as a possibility. Resubmitted the same nomination with everything the same except the photo (at the same angle) taken at a different time of day to avoid my shadow and it went through the second time. Didn't even see the shadow when submitting in the cropped view, but it does show up in the full view reviewers see.

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