Fake Nomination Got through and accepted AGAIN.

Title of the Wayspot: Padré Pio Grtto

Location: 14.016575, 121.310778

City: Santa Maria

Country: PhiIippines, The

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: None

Intel Link: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=14.012374,121.310768&z=15

Photos to support your claim: 

It's located inside a private property. I already made reports against this Wayspot almost 2 months ago. Niantic eventually removed this fake nomination from the network. But then, I was notified when I saw this nomination returning to the network-- as if Niantic let through a rejected Wayspot again into the network.

This is getting out of hand. There is rampant cheating on the system and people are utilizing Wayfarer as a way to make things according to their selfish will. This is a dangerous nomination since it could endanger a random trainer/agent if they enter the premises without permission. That act alone would count as trespassing according to local laws.

As for the one who submitted this, Niantic should do something about it, since this user is making assumptions that nominating Waypots is only for their self-interest and not for the benefit of all. Wayfarer was created to monitor and let through eligible nominations that are safe and truly augments reality. This is a fake. People who voted for this to let through should know better.

I do feel for the guy, since there are no Wayspot near his house. But if bending the rules would only benefit him, that already disregards safety among all players of Niantic platforms.

(Above) Here it is when it was a different nomination. The submitter added some structure to make it seem legitimate.

A response from Niantic after the Wayspot got removed 2 months ago. Kinda crazy that Pokemon GO groups in social media actually supports this kind of scheming in Wayfarer.


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