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Title of the wayspot : Danfoss Monument

Location : 12.847211,79.932987

City : Panruti

State : Tamil Nadu

Country : India

Screenshot of Rejection Email :

Photos To Support Claim:

Additional Information :

This is the actual image of the Wayspot :

I am attaching the satellite image of the location for reference. As its obvious its a car parking lot. Two in a row, where two cars can be parked in one slot.

This is the google map location of the place ( there are many pictures which shows the parking lot from the street. As well as the side views of the parking.

It is visible from the image that there only gap left for two car per slot. There is no other Monument in between in any of the pictures.

The wayspot image itself is having art-work and design in the background,also few plants. But in all the images of the parking lot, there is only the roof of the structure and its slanted to a side with no extension. There are multiple pictures which covers all the angles of the location. None of the structure have any artwork. This structure for parking is there since the company was established in that location.

So basically this wayspot is picture of a Monument from some other place submitted in the parking lot of a International Company(, which wont build a monument of a local figure head in a parking lot randomly where all the slots are reserved for parking, but a monument in the middle of it. Further more, there are no other pics of the wayspot from any other sources, when there are players with access to the wayspot. We have also talked to employees of the company who confirmed there are no Monuments in the parking lot let alone the parking premises. 

If its possible to check the history of ownership, the wayspot is captured/upgraded by many players. But no one will divulge the name of the personality in the monument nor add any other picture of the monument. This is because there is no such monument in that location, its just conveniently placed to exploit the game. The geo tagged images are looking straight at the wayspot and from that we can easily see its a false object in a false location.

Since the wayspot is available in the game, there are no outgoing links from that wayspot but once or twice. So how this wayspot is accessed and the keys farmed is another issue which is a breach of rules set by Niantic. Please look into this matter and take action which is appropriate.


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