Invalid Wayspot Appeal: Электромеханический завод им.Ленина

Title of the Wayspot: Электромеханический завод им.Ленина

Location: 55.720385, 37.618809 (intel link)

City: Moscow

Country: Russia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

ID: 9oS9+gHuIqeMcuOwX0+OnM8IebQ8abTNEwo/1+G5dI0=


Photos to support your claim and additional information:

The portal in question represents a memorial plaque dedicated to the speeches of Vladimir Lenin on the Michelson's mechanical plant in 1918:

This is a duplicate of another portal, which is half a mile away.

The second portal, which is located on the building of the former plant: intel link (this is obviously the same plaque).


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