Wayfarer Submission Abuse

I am writing this post to bring the attention of Niantic officials to a possible issue at hand which is causing a lot of issues in the community.

There is someone who is reusing pictures of wayspots and submitting it in other locations. Since the nominations are valid in the first look, people who review it will give thumbs up and it gets accepted. So far we have encountered two such wayspots. I am attaching the details below.

Wayspot 1(Original):

⁣Elankathil Devi Temple

Cords : 9.122931,76.727104

Above is the original wayspot image.

Following are the images taken today from the actual location.

Wayspot acceptance details :

Duplicate of wayspot 1 :

Pallithodi bhagavathy temple

Coords : 10.931427,76.227283

The above one got approved but is using the exact picture. But only the location is different.

Wayspot 2(Original) :

⁣Lourde Matha Catholic Shrine

Coords : 9.121951,76.730676

Wayspot Image & Emails:

Images took today from the original location :

Also attaching below the wayfarer details of the wayspot which is already accepted:

Duplicate of wayspot 2:

The new submission of the same image in another location, under review right now:

So it’s obvious that someone is reusing images from OPR to submit new wayspots. If this gets through it will also become a wayspot. These are the ones we encountered because one of the reviewer was the person who submitted it in the first place.

Please take strict action against the player(s) who are submitting wayspots like this.


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