I need help to improve my POI submission

Hello everybody, this is my first post , don't hit me too hard if I did something wrong

The submission is in italian so I try to describe it a bit in English: the object is the northern city gate along the medieval walls of the village "Finalborgo" (the title is how it has been called in italian "Porta della Mezzaluna" = gate of the crescent moon, due to its shape)

In the description, the gate was shaped like an arch of triumph when the cobblestone road was built. The road and the arch were built since Margeret Theresa of Spain (this woman who was a little bit of an important figure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Theresa_of_Spain) had to cross the marquisade.

And it was finished in the year 1666, as it is carved in the arch.

In my opinion, is it possible that it was rejected because of its building date?

Help me submitting this POI since i really see no reason for it to be rejected at all.

Name: Porta della Mezzaluna

Description: La porta della mezzalune **** eretta in occasione della costruzione della via Beretta (che collegò il marchesato di Finale con Milano per permettere il passaggio della regina Margherita di Spagna) nel maggio del 1666. Funge da ingresso nord nelle mura.

Supporting image:

Street view doesnt cover it but it is still well visible:



Thank you for your support


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