Unify Ingress and Pokémon wayfarer accounts

When I start to play Pokemon GO I use an e-mail different than my Ingress account, but when wayfarer starts to PoGO accounts my problems starts. I don't want to analyze twice to evolve my medals (double work, half benefits).

What will happen if i unify the email for both accounts? I will loose the worse numbers? I'll get the better one? Both will continue evolving separate?

Somebody did that?



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    This is a good question for the Wayfarer team, possibly the Ingress and Pokemon Go teams, as well.

    Your case sounds unintentional, but I know that Niantic doesn't want someone reviewing under 2 different Wayfarer accounts. The remedy in your case would be to combine both under one email...not sure what the end-result would be in each app.

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    Yes, it was unintentional. If I have a option to unify both accounts without changing e-mails could be better.

    How could I send this question to Wayfarer team, Ingress or Pokemon Go teams?

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    The handling of different accounts by Niantic is a big mess. You'd think that it should be possible and easy to fulfill your request, but it doesn't seem so.

    Be warned with regards to changes in your account: you can find some thread in the forums about people that lost all their stats after changing the account in one game.

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    So if I, for example, ask NIA to link my ING account to another e-mail, there's possibility to lose all stats? (the same with PGO?)

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    More than likely. But in-game, they may be able to create a new account for you using one of the two email address and transfer all your game infomration and items over. But you will have to contact support for the respective game you want to transfer.

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    Presently, you can't link them under the same log in - I've tried repeatedly to have my Ingress have the same log in as my PoGo. I've spoken to support about it as well and they just told me several times that they can't do anything about it.

    I would prefer to have my PoGo and Ingress under the same log in, since, like you, I don't want two wayfarer accounts.

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    I have both mine combined & it works just fine but they’re under my email. I don’t use Pokémon trainer club

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    It does make me choose which to sign in under though which is goofy but it’s okay. I agree. I wish it knew how many eligible accounts we had so we didn’t have to pick which account to use.

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    I doubt you can combine them but you can try and link them to combine your Ingress and Pokemon Go accounts the same way you can change linked google account. You'll no doubt lose the wayfarer on one account though.

    Assuming your accounts are linked to a different google account, link the account you want to lose in Wayfarer to a Facebook account (I'm assuming Ingress to describe). Log off in Ingress and log back in via Facebook. Unlink the google account and link it to the one you log in in the other game. Log off in Ingress and log back in via google. When you click your player profile (either game) you should see both accounts and your levels (and Harry Potter if you do that too). I've not tried this and it may well not be possible to link to the other google account if it is already locked into another Niantic accounts.

    No idea how this will affect existing medals. Let us know if you try this.

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    Yo tengo cuenta antigua de Pokémon go de entrenador y la cree con un correo de hotmail, ahora tengo mi cuenta de ingress con mi correo de Gmail trato de vincularlas y no es posible, me aparece el mensaje que la cuenta ya está siendo utilizada y no tengo ningún juego creado con mi correo de Gmail.

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    If you link two different emails between pokemon go and ingress you will get major issues. I had my facebook which was a different email then my actual ingress account and ended up not being able to play ingress for months til I unlinked the Facebook. I had a hard time unlinking the accounts till after a certain update as well.

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    I have this issue as well.

    I originally started playing Pokémon Go before I discovered Ingress, so my PoGo account is a PTC log-in with a Facebook log-in but my Ingress is linked to my Google account. Tried getting both linked under the same log-in but it just doesn't let it be.

    Contacted NIA support about it and they just said that I can't use the same log-in for both games. It's frustrating because I don't use my PoGo for reviewing or subbing because I don't want to be reviewing my own submissions from my Ingress account - or use my Ingress account to review anything that I might decide to sub through PoGo.

    It's definitely an issue that could and likely is used for abusive purposes of the system by some.

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    Is there no fix for this issue yet? I have my Ingress account tied to a Wayfarer account and my PoGo account tied to another Wayfarer account. Would like to have both linked to the same Wayfarer account and have the same identity on all Niantic games. How can I achieve this?

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    Another thread got necro'd 💀

    Since the situation is different now, have you ever claimed Niantic ID?

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    I want to merge my accounts as I am in the same situation as you.

    In my case, I used a different Gmail account for signing in, partly because I was uncertain if I would continue with Pokémon Go and partly because this issue had not been raised at the time.

    I later tried to merge them but was very disappointed when I learned that this was not possible.

    I believe this problem could be solved if SMS verification could be used to modify accounts.

    As is often the case with other authentication systems, when you try to modify an account linked to your account, such as Gmail, an SMS is sent to your registered phone number, and if you can update it by authenticating it, it should solve the problem.

    However, when there was a problem with Ingress in August 2015 where new players could not create an account, Niantic abandoned SMS authentication and this is now the case.

    (Ingress used it to open limits on the number of items you could possess, and gave you a Verify Medal to prove it.)

    However, Niantic has previously stated that they are building their ID system, so I am hopeful that the implementation of the Niantic ID will help to resolve this issue.

    The Wayfarer forum does not care what type of game you play, and I assume that game players such as Pikmin, NBA, Peridot, etc. will be assigned to the forum in the future.

    With that in mind, it would be good to have discussions in the future using Niantic IDs, and it would be nice to be able to use Niantic IDs to log in to games.

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