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Could I please get clarification on acceptable memorials. Based on criteria found within the discussions, I have been rejecting waypoint nominations for memorial benches and locations within cemeteries. Based on my ratings, it appears that these selections have agreed with most of the Wayfarer community.

This is where I enter a gray area. I have approved and seen nominations approved for memorials not located within cemeteries and not in the form of a bench. What classifies as acceptable criteria to get a memorial approved as a Waypoint? Some examples I have seen:


-A metal memorial bench with tag

-Locations within cemeteries. (Understandable for respecting those onsite who may be grieving.)


-The plague on a cement memorial bench

-A granite memorial marker in front of a tree on a walkway

-A dedicated metal or stone sign/statue not located on a bench

In short, why are memorial benches usually rejected when memorials in any other form are approved?


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    The main eligibility criteria that memorials can meet is usually the Exploration criteria, which reads, in part: "Somewhere or something that tells the unique story about a place, its history, its cultural meaning, or teaches us about the community we live in."

    So it's not so much about the particular form of the memorial in most cases (though if the memorial itself is elaborate enough that it would be a destination regardless of who it's dedicated to, it may be accepted for that reason). In order to meet the criteria above, the person or group being memorialized has to have some significance within the community. As much as I'm sure Grandpa Al's family loved him, the fact that they donated $500 to put a plaque dedicated to him on a bench or in front of a tree doesn't mean he was significant to the community at large. It's up to the submitter to demonstrate the person was significant and up to the reviewers to decide if they agree. Additionally, there will always be some variation in how reviewers approach these nominations, so some might get through that probably shouldn't and vice versa.

    Additionally, the rejection criteria state to reject submissions in "Sensitive locations like gravestones (not associated with a significant/historical figure) and cemeteries." So that will rule out most submissions in cemeteries.

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    This is from one of the discussions in criteria about benchs after the new criteria update that niantic responded to

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    I can't buy a blue plaque -

    I can buy a bench. They are insignificant.

    There are exceptions, maybe someone important has been memorialised with a bench, or maybe it is of a unique design of artistic merit. But so many generic benches have been let through already, enough.

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    Most "Memorial Benches" were approved a long time ago. For the past couple of years they have been very difficult to get accepted. You cannot go by what was approved in the past.

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