Inconsistent experiences with receiving emails from Wayfarer

Hi folks,

This post is intended to be a summary of the ongoing email delivery issues some of you have reported experiencing with notification emails from Wayfarer.

We are looking into the following issues:

  • Some users are not receiving confirmation emails when submitting new Wayspot nominations.
  • Some users are not receiving email updates when decisions are made (acceptances or rejections) about their submissions.
  • Users who have their device settings set to languages other than English are receiving rejection emails that don't contain rejection reasons.

Thanks to those of you who reported this issue and for your patience while we work to uncover and address the root cause.


  • Hi folks,

    I have been talking to the Wayfarer team about this as I know it has been ongoing and causing issues as your nominations are being approved or rejected.

    The email system is quite a complex issue to untangle, so we are exploring both the short-term solution to emails being sent inconsistently and an evolution of notifications that would be built into the product itself.

    Stay tuned as we are working on a roadmap announcement for everyone coming soon.

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