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I'm sure I share the same sentiment as many others, but I get the whole thing of needing captchas to prove that it isn't some sort of automated bot from approving everything or going through the process, but it is really necessary to make it this form of captcha? This pretty much ruins my momentum during review sections as soon as I am doing things that are not related to reviewing. Like figuring out whether that plant on the middle-left is a palm tree or a yuca, or figuring out whether something is actually a crosswalk or a bus.

Most of the time this just means I will stop reviewing. If anything, Niantic should utilise this time not to use a Captcha but instead maybe some intermissions of doing some interesting work such as selecting a random bunch of nomination photos marked as natural features or not or something that actually aids something in the review process.

Rehashing a mockup image post from a couple of months ago:

The amount of Captchas these days is becoming too high nowadays and it's just annoying nowadays. Yeah, I take maybe 30 seconds per review, then wait for stuff to load, but yeah absolutely hate captchas. Just a rant.


  • HaramDays-PGOHaramDays-PGO Posts: 1,472 ✭✭✭✭✭

    These stupid picture captchas are a bloody waste of time. It tells you to select things, and then it keeps on telling you to try again because you got it wrong and it keeps on moving to even more and more captchas to do!

    If you want me to review, then stop prompting me to do these stupid captchas! This is the surefire way to turn me off (as well as... probably everyone else who gets these unnecessary ones) from reviewing for a session. If you want me to prove that I am a human, then prove yourself that you aren't just bots running amok.

    Seriously, once I get these only a handful of nominations in, I just give up.

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