Invalid wayspot appeal - Спортплощадка

Title of the Wayspot: Спортплощадка



City: Kyiv

Country: Ukraine

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: 

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: this wayspot is a fake for current location. The wayspot is a sports ground, typical for Kyiv. They always based in in areas with multi-storey buildings. But current location is a private property that can't contain the sports ground. On a screens you can see a street view screen with a private house. And a screen from the ukrainian cadastral map, which has an info that type of this area is "Private property" (red line). It could be easily validated on the site of cadastral map, which is driven by ukrainian goverment (,6517273.717186947&z=16&l=kadastr&bl=ortho10k_all).

So, this wayspot is a fake one and I kindly ask you to remove it.



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