Portal was removed without reasons

Title of the Wayspot: Деревянный крест при въезде в Хаву

Location: 51.668479/39.68942

City: Voronezh

Country: Russia

The portal "Деревянный крест при въезде в Хаву" https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=51.668479,39.68942&z=17&pll=51.668479,39.68942 was removed, but it still there. It was done after some time the fields were made, using this portal as bearing portal.

We suppose that it was malicious trying to destroy fields.

Let us ask you to restore this portal and might investigate the suspicions and punish the person, who reported this deletion of the portal.

After this portal was removed, I went to the place and made new Google Photosphere https://goo.gl/maps/1Jvo6FZ5Az32DqxB6

Also I have attached two photos from that place



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