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Recent change or possible bug in "What is it?" options

DavieBruce72-PGODavieBruce72-PGO Posts: 10 ✭✭
edited December 2020 in Report a Bug

I've tried searching but can't find this mentioned elsewhere. In the most recent release (3.3 I believe) the what is it options are badly broken.

Many of the most common POI types are gone and others are badly messed up. Plaques, which are mostly Memorial or Dedications (previous categories) are now only found as Art>Plaque. I have never seen a plaque as a piece of art, and though I am sure they exist somewhere, Dedication and Memorial plaques are everywhere.

Playgrounds are no longer an option, replaced it seems by Playground Area or Playground Set, which is under street furniture. As are Mail Boxes now, with the correct category, Post Box, seemingly removed.

While there have been a few additions like Soccer Field (football pitch) it seems strange that such useful, common and "classic" high quality POI options have gone. This seems to have badly affected the suggested options too, which leaves reviewers no choice but to select an incorrect description in order to complete a review.

If this is a known bug, then I apologise, I did search for some time to try to find any info on it.

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