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I'm not questioning the eligibility of survey markers, but am questioning how we're supposed to review them and verify that they are indeed real?

In the U.S., the USGS database is rather difficult to use and may take more time than Wayfarer allots to a review simply to verify the existence of a survey marker.

The reason I am asking is that I have been made aware of two questionable markers in my area, one that exists as a POI and another that has been purchased for installation. They appear to have been purchased from a site similar to


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    While I won't discuss eligibility here like OP said, I would think this :

    The submitter has the "additionnal information" field to help you verify its existence, by providing URL to the database or other proof. If in 20 minutes, you are not able to find it in the USGS database, not able to see it in Street view or unable to match submission pictures with street view, and you doubt that it really exist : it's pretty much a case of 1* location.

    Custom made (privately manufactured) or replica markers == not permanent/fake nomination == abuse.


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