Wayspots not live in Pokemon Go

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There are wayspots that have been in Ingress from before Pokemon Go but the entire small village had no PokeStops/Gyms. I have subsequently submitted new wayspots that are live in all games but the older ones (in unique level 17 S2 cells) are still not syncing. I included the portal details below but curious if anyone has seen something similar and/or if there is something I can do.

Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center: 41.31592669499328, -74.28895206066125

Sugar Loaf United Methodist Church: 41.31962025493319, -74.28704408928213

Sugar Loaf Post Office: 41.321181113640066, -74.2847349636332

Sugar Loaf School District #4: 41.32115728390979, -74.28400221385945

*Edit: added screenshot of wayspot map with S2 cells

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