Another large Pokestop "cluster" found



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    I'd say that given the moral and ethics of the people who set up that cluster in the first place, it's extremely unlikely that there's any value in keeping any of the POIs. There's bound to be a good amount of fakes and misplaced ones there. Just nuke them all from the database and let the local community recreate the legit ones.

  • Really Appreciated you came here but at last all the removed clusters came back... Niantic just bows down to Spoofers

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    Then quit the game and play any Pokemon console games instead. Thank you.

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    I totally agree with you. Hopefully Niantic will speak up again and do something about the other places you have listed.

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    Yet Zaragoza and many places over the world still had clustered Pokestops due to abuse. Niantic only fix to the newer ones but not to the massive clusters that was previously made before the fix.

    Since the discussion went wild and out-of-topic, @NianticCasey-ING @NianticEG and others would you shut this discussion down and clean all those massive clusters right now?

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    2) Just because they don't detail how the system works doesn't mean at all that the rules don't exist. It only means that they can have whatever rules that they want and so if the want to change them at any time they don't have to give any explanation. You know that the rules exist and that in order to avoid them people found a loophole. Due to the abuse of that loophole now Niantic has been forced to enforce the rules.

    3) No, the abuse still exists as long as such places remain active. They have prevented further abuse, but they haven't cleaned up the existing ones.

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    1) Then you are granted the permission to make that assumption?... Mmm, no.

    2) Of course is relevant, because in the past (not the abuse of this method), people didn't know that was not recommended. It was possible and Niantic did not do anything. Was after the exposure of a ¿Thai? road full of gyms when they made adjustments. They did not care before that, so I don't get why you do while THEY don't. NOW Nianctic has said this is an abuse not before, so that not make "abusers" those who did that before that statement.

    3) When they implemented the "solution" they did not retroactive apply it to existing pokéstops, basically you cannot decide which is right or which is wrong, and which deserve to stay more than others, that's why they didn't nor will do anything.

    4) Of course it's not irrelevant, because it shows the problem behind a S2-hidden mapping. They should make all theis games work the same way. It's stupid you waste a request in Pokémon GO in a perfectly valid POI, that it translates into a portal in Ingress, but it does not the same in Pokémom, because you have another stop just in the other border of the same S2 cell that you shouldn't have to be aware of its existence. That's what made people "abuse" of the system. They wasted petitions that turned OK in a game they don't play but not in the one they are playing without any advice or tip that why some might appear and some not. That's completely insane.

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    Only the people that abused that and spoofers would be angry.

    But this is an interesting point:

    Hey @NianticCasey-ING Does Niantic or the Pokemon Company allow the usage of cheats?

    There's no need for you to reply as actions speak louder than words, according to your actions in the following days we can see the outcome. Either you clean up all the abuse or you allow cheaters and spoofers to run rampant on the game and we can tell anyone that the actions on Pokemon Go are dictated by the cheaters. That would be a really interesting article (or series of articles) for so many media sites related to gaming, I see so much click potential.

    Thank you @JoanBenz-ING for bringing this to our attention.

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    I'll also add that The Pokemon Company is very much involved in setting the spacing algorithm used by Pokemon Go. This was made abundantly clear when Niantic doubled down on it earlier this year rather than adopting the spacing algorithms used by HPWU and Catan. It means that Niantic couldn't get TPC's permission to change the algorithm and allow for higher Pokestop density.

    Even so, these locations are far beyond what HPWU's and Catan's spacing algorithms would even allow, and there is no justification to have that many Wayspots packed that closely together nor does it justify the abuse and exploitation that occurred to obtain such a dense population of Wayspots.

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    Even if it is true that TPC and Niantic can make more money by allowing cheating, abuse, and exploitation within Pokemon Go, it would completely trash their reputations and far fewer company will want to do business with them either as a licensor or a Wayspot sponsor. And reputation is far more valuable in the long term then short term profits (unless you are EA).

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    Ellos siempre querrán tener la razón, me dan risa sinceramente sus comentarios intentando defender lo indefendible y defender el abuso, por mí parte Yo creo que tienes toda la razón en denunciar casos así, de abuso masivo para que no se repitan y para que se tome de ejemplo que el abuso no lleva a nada positivo, se que lloverán "discrepar" por decir mí opinión pero eso me fortalece ahora hay que dejar que crean que ganaron pero en realidad, tarde o temprano todos los lugares creados con abuso desaparecerán del mapa y ese día van a aprender las cosas como son.

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    I agree that there are more important things, but the problem shouldn't be ignored.

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    Well know more in about 1 1/2 hours when the map updates. It seemed they came back with the daily update. Maybe they will fix it today. If not, the lack of response to this thread is answer enough.

    Spoofing is ok and manipulation of the POI system is acceptable.

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    Since I hadn't been using Pokémon GO Battle League in so long, I assume the major problems had been fixed but it seems there's still a number of issues with it. I asked in the local Pokémon GO group and it seems others have had bad experiences too. This thread feels like cheap point scoring when there are still major issues that need to be addressed within the game (e.g. still waiting for Kecleon so I can get Platinum Hoenn badge) and they're releasing Kalos even though plently of Unova is still missing from the game.

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    Reviewers were already bored by the time lapse taken to approve (or reject) their submisions versus the time spent reviewing other people's ones. So no, no one will miss a bunch more of reviewers given the pseudo-halt status of reaching a decission for a portal.

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