Help with cycling path

I have nominated a waymarker of a cycling path. This cycling path is a loop and it has 16 stations with educational content. On the waymarker you can see the name of the cycling path.

The description says:

This 18km long cycling path leads through the natural reservation of Lünen's Lippeauen (translation: lea of the river Lippe). The cyclist passes 16 educational stations, where he can learn a lot about the nature and the history of the river and his surroundings.

In the supporting information I explain why this should be a POI. Because this cycling path is a great place for exploration and excersise. The sign is a placeholder for the cycling path.

I provide a link to the route of the cycling path and explain how the supporting image helps the reviewer to find the location on the map.

Maybe somebody has an idea why this one got rejected and can help me what can be improved on the next try.


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