why was my proposal duplicated?

Any recommendation so that they do not put it duplicate?

It has a 360 photo in street view

Supposedly it is a duplicate of this portal

View of the place.


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    You'd have easier time if the current portal picture didn't show the fence around the field. :/

    Take a picture that shows more clearly it's a football/futsal rink, not a field surrounded by fence. I'd focus on one of the goal area, it'd instantly show the sides and the difference to the open field for the reviewers.

    In the support section, mention that it's used for different kind of matches than the larger field. In my experience writing "it's not a duplicate!" is satisfying but can cause "don't telll me how to review" reactions.

    Good luck, I've had similar "duplicate" situations too often.

    ps. streetview might be misleading, but if the pin was placed in the middle of the field, next time out it on the edge of the field. Behind the goal would be my choice.

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