Are the restaurants really valid?

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With the new niantic wayfarer criteria restaurants and cafes are supposed to be good valid wayspots and should not be rejected.

2 weeks ago I sent 2 restaurant wayspost which were accepted.

In these last days I have sent more wayspots of restaurants that are in different parts of my city and they have been rejected.

There is some reason why specifically these restaurants are not valid and the first 2 restaurants I send are.

Some of these restaurants offer typical food from our country Perú and pizzas, they are very popular places for people from my city and they usually go with friends and family to have a good time.

My city is very big and these restaurants are in different parts of it.

There are several players that this is happening to them with respect to sending restaurants that accept some and reject others, they could tell us if these types of restaurants are valid or not so that we can send them again or not.

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    So for restaurants the more unique they are tocthe local area the better. If its a pizza place and theres 10 other pizza spots you’ll have to do a bit more to make it eligible. Usually trip advisor helps to probe its a local gathering spot. With that being said it will probably be really hit or miss with getting them accepted for a bit.

    if you show us the supporting info for the others we can possibly help as well with advice

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    With the new Niantic Wayfarer criteria, restaurants and cafes are supposed to be good valid Wayspots and should not be rejected.

    This is not entirely accurate. To be a Wayspot, something needs to pass the eligibility criteria, pass the acceptance criteria, and not meet the rejection criteria.

    Restaurants and cafes not infrequently fall under the following reason for rejection: "A generic business, chain, or franchise that is not locally unique."

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    I would submit the dinosaur head rather than the restaurant in one of your rejection pictures.

    The first accepted restaurant appears to be a place with live music. If that's the case, your reviewers may consider that a reason why it was cultural and should have been accepted.

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    First of all, cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs are not automatically eligible just by merely existing. The nominator is still has to demonstrate that the locations meed criteria as local hangouts or attractions. Second, you did not post any information about the cafes and restaurants you nominated. What makes the two restaurants that were accepted stand out from those that got rejected? What makes any of the others stand out from similar establishments in your city? If you cannot answer those questions (and provide evidence to verify your claims), then they fall under "generic business, chain, or franchise that is not locally unique" category of the rejection criteria.

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