How can we flag low quality waypoints or POI while reviewing?

Two parts:

  1. I notice really crappy waypoints that are already in the game while reviewing.
  2. I notice really poor nominations that I am asked to edit.

Is there any way to flag these as needing to be removed. The quality of some newer nominations is just bad. Is there any quality control?

I can usually understand why my nominations are rejected. However, I do not understand how some nominations are ever getting through.


  • patsufredo-PGOpatsufredo-PGO Posts: 2,059 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2020

    You can't, unfortunately. Even if they didn't meet any criteria to be approved as Wayspot, they would likely didn't meet any removal criteria; and if they do, you should report them in-game.

    Obviously fake Wayspots however, can be reported directly here in this forum (given you've reported them via abuse form first).

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