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I have been travelling for Christmas, and after reviewing and playing at the remote location (same place as home town in settings) I ran out of nominations to review after about a half day. I found that weird, and then tried to set Bonus location without getting anything new to review. What effect does Bonus location give?

After returning home for a couple days there still is nothing to review even though I have been logged into my scanner and doing some occasional hacking. I have, however, not deployed on any portals after returning home - could this be what's missing? That you have to trigger your location in the comm in order to update your active play location in WF?

I know the lo...Niantic works in mysterious ways, but this shouldn't be too hard to get clarification on.


  • MessiPy-INGMessiPy-ING Posts: 122 ✭✭✭

    When I started making reviews, a player from my community made only 2 reviews, then I was like 3 months since no waypost request appeared, having only 2 reviews since I passed the wayfarer exam and was able to solve it by contacting support from Pokemon Go .

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    @Raachermannl-ING thanks for sharing your experience.

    What's peculiar about not receiving any new nominations in the other location is that the city (big_city) is way larger than the one I currently live in (small_city), hence should bring a lot more milkshake to the yard. BUT, small_city is located in the same L6/7 cell as our capital and has way more inhabitants in total than the L6/7 cell of big_city. There also seems to be quite a few threads on the use of L6->7 cells for WF, dead cells and so on.

    No doubt the system is broken. In this location there are also a lot of foreign language nominations that I find impossible to review just because I can't understand their title or meaning.

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    Google Translate helps a lot for me.

    A lot of people also use Wayfarer+ plugin. It has an automatic translation tool and also allows setting a timer (it's theorized cooldowns occur more frequently if reviewing faster than ~20 seconds).

    I also agree with Raachermannl's assessment. I had this message once before and setting a bonus location didn't help. I know there were still nominations in voting in my local region as well as in my home & bonus locations. More than likely it's a poorly defined cooldown or possible error Niantic can't replicate.

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    Yeah I'll start translating when they start paying me to do their job. I understand this is more than a hobby to a lot of people, but I, and many more alike, don't like to use more time than absolutely necessary on each review. I get that Nia don't want people surfing through reviews and have set a minimum amount of secs per review to avoid this, but there's a big difference between doing a objective assessment and a pro bono part time job like it turns in to for some people I would assume.

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