Hiking trails/trailmarkers - whats eligeble?



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    "Seems logical to me that the "series" definition would allow more WP's on a trail."

    Your own words. On this page.

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    Illustrates very nicely how I'm adapting my view here... or how puzzled I am right now. ;-)

    Knowing arguements for all different views often is a good thing, it keeps the discussion nuanced. Mind the "If... then..." construction and the modal verb "would". Without clarification by Niantic there is bound to be uncertainty and doubt about how to handle this.

    Until that time, I do incline towards rejecting most of them for not being unique (or duplicates).

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    @NianticAaron @NIACHAOSMONKEY-ING@NianticAndres @NianticCasey-ING @NianticEG

    Could you, please, give clarification for the trail marker situation?

    Edit: no idea how that niachaosmonkey keeps appearing there.

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    Those should be eligible. But you nominate the trail not the trail marker. It should have safe pedestrian access. The one in the picture does not seem to have safe pedstrian access

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    Generic cycle route marker / road sign. I'd mark this 1*.

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    here you got a big discussion about this topic.

    Sadly, this topic is super subjective. You need a lot of luck to get any kind of trail marker accepted. Ill ask for more details in the next AMA...

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    I easily get those accepted in Quebec

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    This type of trail marker appears several times along the biking trail.

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    That trail marker is generic. But if you read the AMA it does not matter because you nominate the trail not the trail marker. The trail marker is just the place holder which clearly represents the trail. The trail is the wqyspot and is clearly unique.

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    The trail is an appropriate Waypoint, but you are submitting this sign as a placeholder. If we follow the argument to the extreme, anything could be submitted as a placeholder for a trail "because we are nominating the trail, not the marker". The "trail" here is a bit of public road and grass, so "meh". This marker looks like 1000s of other blue cycle way markers. Mass produced, generic, road sign - 1* every time.

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    I disagree. Of course it looks generic. This one probably would not be eligible because of no safe access. But it clearly represents the trail. The name is on the sign. By your argument here in Germany most cycling trails could not be nominated because the trail markers are normed and do look similar to each other.

    And not everything would count as placeholder. It must represent the trail. Look up the AMA on trails again. There is clearly stated that trail markers are good locations when nominating cycling trails.

    With 1*ING it you clearly ignore the AMA

    From the November AMA.

    The new criteria lists hiking trails and biking trails as eligible examples under a great place for exercise. Are there any additional requirements for these locations to be eligible (e.g. survey markers, trail signs or other man-made objects)? Do they need to be named trails or paths?

    While this criteria is much more inclusive than before, there would still need to be some sort of visual indicator of the Wayspot. This is because you're dropping a pin on the map and since trails are long and linear, you'd want to direct players to a safe location somewhere along that trail that's easy to find and safe to access. This would apply to trail markers, survey markers, trail signs,

    Hopefully this is clarified in the next AMA @NianticCasey-ING

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    This debate sure is going in circles.

    After reading the entire thread I’m committed to approving any Trailhead signs, even multiples for the same trail system.

    But I will not be approving trail markers until Niantic states clearly that I should.

    To me they feel like people are trying to “game” the system. The goal is not to blanket the world in poke stops.

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    Here where I live most trails do not have something like a trailhead.

    If you nominate every trail marker you basically can follow the route just by the niantic waspot database. That would be a huge thing. I think the AMA is clear. Trail marker are good location when nominating a trail. Where I live, they are the only possible solution for most cycling trails because there are no trail heads or survey markers. Maps are only on so called Knotenpunkten which do not belong to any trails. If you are lucky a trail is passing a Knotenpunkt. Thise are the only trails which I got through to this date.


    All my opinion:Trails are definitely great for exercise and exploration. After all, they are made for the purpose of people to have a means of traveling by exercise whether its from walking, running, or bicycling. Trails can be long enough to cross an entire city and can also join or cross or continue near other trails. In some areas, if you take the wrong trail (which can be easily mistaken without the guidance of trail markers throughout the trail,) you can end up on the wrong side of town completely. I don't think there should be a trail marker for the same trail if its less than 40km of an existing waypoint trail marker for the same trail. In my opinion, that should be a duplicate, unless it is located at a split path and guides people to choose the path they want to stay on. Further than 40km trail markers, but less than 60km, trail markers for the same trail may help guide pedestrians or cyclists so that they stay on the correct trail which is good measure for public safety, but for these there should be a photosphere included. We would have to be careful not to rate 5 stars for a trail marker located along the middle of a trail since this can create a dangerous situation if people try to access a waypoint located in the middle of a trail by taking an unsafe route that is not part of any trail. Also, not all waypoints show up for all games so we have to consider that also. I believe nominating trail markers located at access points that would qualify for safe pedestrian access (such as a trail marker accessible from a safe pedestrian access (such as a sidewalk that leads you to the access point) should be acceptable. Trail markers that are less than 40km for the same trail should be marked as a duplicate, unless it provides necessary distinction of travel paths needed for the pedestrian to travel safely on a path they intend to stay on if the path splits, but again a photosphere should be included. The markers should appear to be permanent or as placed by the proper authorities responsible for trail markers in that area. If only we could get clarification like this.

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    That will be impossible to monitor though. Trail markers are generally always within a km of each other or where turns happen. If you saw a marker every 40km that would be the longest trail i have ever seen and more thsn likely people would get lost

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    I see more and more of this nominations. I reject the one that cannit be pinned precisly but aside from this ?

    We need clarifications about this !

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