Fake mosques of Bulukumba, Part 1

Title of the Wayspot: [see below]

Location: [see below]

City: Bulukumba, Sulawesi Selatan (South Sulawesi)

Country: Indonesia

While reviewing nominations (that are mostly fakes or ineligible) from this area, I noticed that there are many fake Wayspots in that location. They're mostly 'mosques' but all of them are actually single family houses, while few of them have mismatched Wayspot photo compared with the Street view (unless, both Street view and satelite imagery is a bit outdated).

I found another one nomination from there during review, and I decided to report some of them (which were found under Check the Duplicate section) here. Here's a list of them:

1. Masjid Nurul Haidir -5.549584,120.188500 (nomination in review, it's actually back of someone's house) :

2. Green mosque -5.549502,120.188574 (it's actually someone's house) :

3. Menara Masjid Al Falah -5.549467,120.188625 (its location might be mismatched, but its actual location is unknown) :

For 1-3, here's a piece of satelite view of that area, you can see that no mosques in that place:

4. Masjid Ar-rahman -5.549613,120.184924 (mismatched photo, marker is actually on someone's house, unless Street view is outdated) :

5. Masjid cewe cantik -5.550510,120.184670 (actually someone's house) :

6. Masjid Kamilatul Ilmi -5.549616,120.192909 (again, actually someone's house) :

More of this will be reported when I review more nominations from here.

Please take a look at this. Thank you!



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