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Hello trainers and agents!

I want to clarify criteria when riviewing Wayspot nominations. "TOO CLOSE" is thought to be as one of the Rejection criteria by niantic?

when I was browsing about Wayfarer review criteria, some people said that if a nomination spot is "too close" to other already-existing portals, the nomination should be rejected by reviewers.This is all about ingress, and can be all lies, I don't know. I read Wayfarer review criteria and these don't contain "TOO CLOSE" as rejection criteria. So I want to know who should judge "TOO CLOSE" or not , reviewers or Niantic? 

Any discussions about this will help me, and Niantic's official announces would be better.

Thank you.


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    Thank you for your quick answer! I overlooked help section.

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    @TWVer-ING is completely correct. Proximity isn't a rejection criteria and shouldn't be taken into account reviewing. Proximity can however be an indicator that two Points of Interest (POIs) may have been artificially split when they're actually one and the same. The textbook example is trying to separate each structure of a playground in its own nomination, but it can also be separating a statue and its memorial plaque for instance. So while not a rejection criteria on its own, it is something to keep in mind while analyzing a nomination as a clue for duplicates.

    Now, on the nomination side of things, it's something you should take into account if you want your submissions to make their way into the game.

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