Valid portals incorrectly removed

Hi, I’m not sure if someone is reporting valid portal or niantic is removing the portals randomly.

Title of the Wayspot:

  1. Jewel Blue Bird Wall Mural
  2. Tom & Jerry Wall Mural
  3. Mogli Wall Mural

Location: (12.9655619, 77.5248414) - All portals are nearby to the above lat-long.

City: Bengaluru

Country: India

Photos to support your claim:

Footpath access is available

Please find the link to google street view of the nominations


  • tammysbf1-PGOtammysbf1-PGO Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Here where I live, valid things have also disappeared. They say that if someone badly scans the floor the pokestop disappears.

  • flatmatt-PGOflatmatt-PGO Posts: 217 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2020

    What is the building behind the wall? If it is a single-family residential property (or a K-12 school, daycare, or similar), then the portals meet removal criteria and were properly removed. If not, it is still possible that removal was requested by the property owner. In addition, given how close together the murals are, it is likely that such a cluster of wayspots would have been created through abusive Wayfarer submissions/edits.

    Additionally, regarding @tammysbf1-PGO's post regarding wayspot scans, there is no evidence of that, and Niantic has specifically confirmed that wayspot scans have absolutely no connection to the removal process. It is likely the wayspots in question were simply reported for removal. If you believe a wayspot was incorrectly removed, you can start a new thread in the "Invalid Wayspot Appeals" forum.

  • patsufredo-PGOpatsufredo-PGO Posts: 445 ✭✭✭✭

    The building is supposed to be a single family house, correct?

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