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no Ingress stats OPR agreements credit since Oct 23, 2020

Hi I have not received any OPR/recon credit since Oct 23, 2020 I cannot believe that all the reviews I have done since have been voted on CONTRARY to my input.

My Reviewer rating is FAIR .. so I should be getting credit for my agreements.

I don't see any way to improve my rating if I don't get any credit for my agreements.

I run ingress on my Android phone (S8) and Android tablet. I do reviews in chrome generally sometimes on Tablet sometimes on (windows 10) laptop.

My I have tracked my stats approximately daily since february 1 2020 and this one stopped updating around Oct 23 .

I have reviewed 451 nominations, and am currently showing 142 accepted , 72 rejected and 12 duplicate agreements.

thanks B3AR77u77P0ked


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