Pokestop Removed - not my submission can I still appeal?

I noticed yesterday a Pokestop near a Starbucks Pokestop was gone. When I first noticed it back in February I thought it was odd because I had never noticed the artwork there, so I went over and I saw on the back of the electrical box was a black crow that someone had painted. Not sure if the artwork was sanctioned art, but someone had submitted it and it became a Pokestop (it is legit art - very nice painting of a crow). I liked this POI, not because it was in Pokemon, but because it was in Wizards and the Starbucks POI was not. Wizards has not had a new POI added in game since at the latest June 2020 so I will take anything I can get!

I was not the person who submitted the crow art, but I would like to get it back in game. I went over yesterday just to verify the crow art was still there, and it is. But it is on the south side of the box, not the more visible north side of the box (which would be seen in street view). Can I still appeal it? And if so what would I need? I have the picture I took of the Pokestop and the artwork when I first went to investigate where the art was. I was also going to get a picture to show the artwork is still there. Do I need anything else? Can I appeal it?


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