Revised category list is still very much unfinished

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With Wayfarer 3.3, we got a "revised" and updated category list. I was initially very happy about this, because even though it definitely wasn't the most important or urgent issue with the system, the old category list was very annoying and hard to work with.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was quite short-lived. While a few issues were indeed solved (loads of new types of businesses, sporting facilities etc.), others were not. Some very common objects are still not specifically included in the list - table tennis tables being the one I'm missing the most -, while others were outright removed. Before the revision, "Memorial plaque" was a category, now it's not. In general, memorials seem to be reduced to "Memorial bench" and "Memorial site". Just in the past 25 minutes I've reviewed 2 World War memorial plaques (plaques attached to a church and a city hall, respectively, listing the fallen soldiers of the local community) and a Stolperstein. None of those are either benches nor memorial sites.

In addition to missing categories, there's a lot of nonsensical and weird stuff still left in the list. Why is "Elementary School" and "High School" still there if they're automatically ineligible? Why are there categories for "Ocean" and "Snow And Ice"? Are 'Vehicle Traffic Sign" and "Billboard" genuine possibilities for eligible wayspots? Why on Earth are "Waste Bin", "Rock" and "Luggage" on that list?

To be honest, I find it hard to believe that the list was actually thoroughly revised. I do hope, though, that this is not meant to be the final version and another revision will happen soon.



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