Portal Description Edit for a survey marker on an outlying island in Hong Kong

Title of the Wayspot: 黃茅洲三角測量站 Wong Mau Chau Trigonometrical Station #648

Location: 22°26'54.6"N 114°23'40.6"E

City: Saikung District, Hong Kong

Country: Hong Kong SAR

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

The outlying island in Hong Kong territorial waters, Wong Mau Chau (黃茅洲) is a beloved destination for holiday campers, fishing maniacs and divers. The island is located at Mirs Bay, northeast of Hong Kong urban area, with a survey marker post (the portal) and a lighthouse. The portal nomination of the survey marker has its description written mistakenly for "50 kilometers South of Hong Kong" (位於香港以南約50公里). The factual and correct distance should be 28 kilometers Northeast of Hong Kong, as is what I have submitted through portal edits twice.

The agent who nominated this portal has mistaken another island of the same Chinese name 黃茅洲 (verbally different: Huangmaozhou) in Zhuhai, China, Southwest of Hong Kong. The coincidence and possible confusion is also noted on Wikipedia: https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%BB%83%E8%8C%85%E6%B4%B2

I have screenshots of Google Map distance measurement and FreeMapTools for reference, indicating that the island measures 27.85 kilometers from the official geographical center of Hong Kong - the Hong Kong Observatory.

Please review the portal edit request to ensure portal description accurately reflects correct geographical information for Niantic gaming community. Your work to ensure and improve the portal network quality is much appreciated. Thank you.



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