Whats wrong?

there is no generic store nearby..


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    Note, I realise my text might seem a bit blunt (tylyä). No offense meant.

    This is not an easy sell.

    Stone park is on the yard of generic hardware store. Park/yard doesn't show properly on street view, and the support photo doesn't support the claim that it's a stone yard/park or help confirming the location.

    Your description and support text are very bare bones (and with grammatical errors). Try something like.

    "Kivipuisto Aurinko ja Kuu. Vuonna 2003 avattu, erilaisten pihakivien esittelyyn tarkoitettu kivipuisto Rautapohjan piha-alueella."

    For support text

    "Stone park, exhibition area for different sorts of yard stones. Since 2003. For confirmation; link below

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    thank you so much :)

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