Title edit rejected - duplicate info in title and description

Title of the Wayspot: Die Macht am Bahndamm - Sportanlage des SV Rot-Weiß Deuten e.V.

Location: 51.70772,6.973784

City: Dorsten-Deuten

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

The name "Die Macht am Bahndamm" is really cool and fitting as it is the name of this club's official news letter.

(censored some area due to privacy reasons -> personal info of me and my friends)

Additional information:

Right now the title of this wayspot is very long and in combination with the description contains duplicate information: "Sportanlage des SV Rot-Weiß Deuten e.V." One can't even see the full name of the wayspot if for example one just click on the Portal in Ingress (see last picture). It is only visible if you click on the title to see the full description and available portal photos.

In my opinion the last part of the title "Sportanlage des SV Rot-Weiß Deuten e.V." is redundant and unnecessary because it's the same text as in the wayspot description. Having just "Die Macht am Bahndamm" as the title would be way better. It is also really creative, as explained above under the first screenshot, and it gets ruined a bit because of the title being currently that long.

Greetings Draxado25



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