Furious about usless Danish wayfarers who reject a trail marker as "man made natural feature"

Aren't there a way to appeal this absolutely idiotic rejection so I haven't wasted my UPGRADE???!!!

How in the name of F... is this ever a none-man made object. I've never seen nature popping this things up themseleves. ABSOLUTELY FUMING!!!


  • TWVer-INGTWVer-ING Posts: 472 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not yet. But Niantic have said that they are working on a system where we can appeal rejections, and on improving their systems to detect and punish reviewers who do not follow the criteria. So hopefully something like that will be released sometime this year.

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    German reviewers (like me) often ge those kind of nominations to review. And everyone got a different opinion on them. At the end, its pure luck whether those markers are getting accepted or not.

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    Really? That’s good news. I’m fed up with a lot of ridiculous rejections.

    Anyway, I believe that education is more important than punishment. As far as I know, many reviewers in my country don’t know that private residences are specific to single-family residences due to the translation problem. Only a minority of reviewers who often read the forum know the correct criteria. In my opinion, letting reviewers know if their decision is correct is a good method. It helps the reviewers to evaluate themselves.

    I hope this feature will be released soon.

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    Something glitched with my previous post. Retry...

    November AMA:

    What is being done to curb incorrect rejections for nominations that meet all of the criteria? Will there be a way to escalate incorrect rejections directly to the Niantic team for re-review?

    • Firstly, we are in the midst of redesigning the nomination review process to make the review process smoother for reviewers and also to cut down on these incorrect rejections. Also on the horizon, although a bit further out, is adding appeals directly into Wayfarer. With regard to escalating incorrect rejections directly to Niantic, this is something that we’re thinking through. It’s a bit complex as we don’t want to enable correct rejections to be escalated so it’s still a work in progress.

    September AMA:

    Offering a list of the criteria as part of the nomination process to challenge submitters to offer insight into what criteria the nomination falls under.

    • This is a good idea! As we’ve mentioned in the past, there will be a restructure of the criteria in the near future, which will make this process a bit smoother, but offering additional, consistent information for submitters to include with their nominations will help reviewers. We are also thinking through ways to reward submitters who consistently submit high quality nominations.

    Offering feedback for disagreements between reviewers and the final decision as well as information about where reviewers decided differently from the Niantic reviewed submissions.

    • We definitely hear you on the need to provide more feedback to reviewers so you can improve and learn how to better review. Honestly, there is a lot of technical work that is required in making this happen, so we are deliberating how to best do this and how we can break it into phases so that the necessary information gets to the people who need it sooner rather than later. Please share any specific ideas you may have!

    Would the Wayfarer team consider doing a live or recorded video of them reviewing nominations to help better educate the community?

    • This is a great idea, and something that we’re already working with our marketing partners to develop and roll out! More details to come.

    Don't expect anything "soon". The redesigned nomination review process was scheduled for mid January, so we should hear from that in the coming weeks. All the other stuff will probably not be released before summer, and if all of this is released by the end of the year, I will be really happy.

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