Fake location pokestop=portal location editing appealing

new pokestop=portal appeared in the game, so I visited to spin the disk of pokestop.

but i can't find the seesaw and playgrounds at that location

I found out that the actual location was 40 meters south of the fake location.

The applicant thought that the number 304 was written on both sides of the 304 building, and actually took a picture of the southern playground with the number 304, and seems to have actually applied to the North part of the 304 building which location is fake.

I took streetviews on both sides and applied to move to the right position through location editing, but it was rejected.

So I request to move the location again in here.

I am requesting the location edit of pokestop=portal '304동 그네와시소' to 37.85401545252905, 127.75313371661072.


This streeetview is taken at the current location of the pokestop which is fake. The pokestop is at the entrance of the village.


This street view is taken at the real location of the '304동 그네와시소' where the playgrounds are located.

So I am requesting the location edit of the '304동 그네와시소' from https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=37.854413,127.752985&z=17&pll=37.854413,127.752985 to the 37.85401545252905, 127.75313371661072.



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