POI recreation appeal - Train station

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Name of the Wayspot: Bahnhof 17237 Blankensee Mecklenburg

Location: around 53.40809514325308, 13.263181414788997


City: Blankensee (Mecklenburg)

Country: Germany

Additonal information:

This POI got deleted a while ago, nobody knows why.

The train station is still existing, the most important point of infrastructure for this village. Its the onliest way to get away from the village. The POI is easily accessable for pedestrians. It is still active, here is the timetable of the train station:


pictures to support your claim:

The POI should count as an important place of infrastructure, a place to connect others, and a historical place (the building sadly doesnt look that good, thats why the sign was choosen as the POI picture), also including a great place for exploration. It should completely meet eligebility criteria. The problem might have been the pedestrian access, but this is fully given. You can easily reach the train station from all sites.

Another posibility could be a report because of the POI picture, which shows a sign, but the location was set to the building. This was just because of the bad look of the building. If needed, I'll create a new picture via ING.

Hopefully the evidence is enough to get the POI back. If you need more evidence, there are a few Streetview spheres existing there. Maybe those are helping aswell.

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