Title Error Correction Rejected

Title: West Nipissing Quest Plaque

Location: 46.369342 -79.928435

City: West Nipissing (Sturgeon Falls)

Country: Canada

The edit to remove the word "Quest" which is not an accurate piece of the title was rejected. West Nipissing has a large francophone population and in French the name of the municipality is Nipissing Ouest. As such, the municipality's name is typically stylized as "West Nipissing Ouest" on official signage. The submitter of numerous Waypoints has mis-entered this as "West Nipissing Quest". I have had other similar edits approved rather easily so it seemed abnormal that this one was rejected. As such I have attached the best version of the portal photo (I apologize that it's blurry as is street view - which may be why the edit was rejected) as well as a screenshot of a similar edit being approved.



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