Location edit appeal: Edward Bright The **** Man Of Maldon

Title of the Wayspot: Edward Bright The **** Man Of Maldon

Location: 51.7313475, 0.6770841

City: Maldon

Country: U.K.

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Supporting photo above, which is the current photo for the POI, has a clear view up the alley to the high street. Whilst the POI isn’t directly visible on street view you can see the green column in the top right, which is the form of M&S Food, and the wooden window frames on the other side of the road is the OakHouse bar. You can also just about **** a sign for the continental cafe where the alley meets the street. All these should be easily visible on street view to allow location to be verified.

The current POI location can be viewed on street view and is actually the back entrance / loading bay for Greggs.



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