Regarding November AMA clarifications - safe pedestrian access

"What constitutes “safe pedestrian access” to a location? 

  • Safe Pedestrian Access denotes the player is able to access the object in question by walking up to it without putting themselves into potential danger. Objects in pedestrian areas, along sidewalks or paths or in parks/fields are great examples of eligible locations. Ineligible examples include objects on roundabouts or in traffic dividers that do not have a sidewalk/pathway leading to it."

What about small country side roads where there isn't a sidewalk. People walk all the time on these roads, but is it safe for a POI?


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    I've always wanted to know this. Near me, there is a King Edward VII post box along one of these country lanes that was rejected due to "pedestrian access". The post box had a solid white line in front of it which denotes the edge of the road and it being a post box, to me screams "do not park here". The law is surrounding post boxes is very clear when it says it is illegal to obstruct post boxes, further proving that no cars are likely to go near the post box.

    The person collecting the mail would come along at a set time once per day and it's a post box so you're supposed to go near it (as a pedestrian). I just don't see how a post box could be rejected for not having safe pedestrian access. I guess one could argue that the post box was built before motorised vehicles became "mainstream", but still, it's a post box.

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    A post box is designed and positioned to be able to walk up to it and put something in it. By definition it has safe pedestrian access and is accessible to the public.

    I have seen trail markers rejected for safe pedestrian access too.... *facepalm* Yes, the marker is next to a road. However, the trail itself provides the safe access. Just access it by walking down the trail!

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    Safe pedestrian access just means "safe pedestrian access". Is it safe for a person to walk/stand there. Can you walk up to the object and touch it in a safe manner. Is it okay for a pedestrian to be there. (In a 2D space. An object 10m above the ground can still be considered touchable if you can stand under it. Say if it a mural 10m above the ground, if you can safely touch the wall it is on, it is considered safely accessible.)

    Small country roads without sidewalks can be considered safe. If it was a yes/no question, you should answer yes. If it is a question where you have to select between 1 and 5 stars, I would say 4 stars.

    A roundabout is usually not considered safe, because it is rarely intended for pedestrians to go to the middle of it.

    You do not have to account for 20 cars with 50 players to be there to do an ex-raid. 1 pedestrian is good enough.

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    SOME things have de facto "safe pedestrian access". This includes things like what you mentioned above, including

    • mailboxes - you are EXPECTED to walk up to them in order to interact with them
    • any business with a parking lot (because said business would quickly go out of business if you could not walk up to them from the parking lot)
    • anything in the middle of a public park -- the grass itself is the "safe pedestrian access"

    but as we all know, many reviewers have an extremely literal (but incorrect) interpretation of the rules, refusing to accept anything that doesn't have a physically demarcated pathway such as a sidewalk.

    I'm still trying to get some objects that are literally touching a hiking trail approved -- you can stand on the trail and l.ick the nomination if you were so inclined. But they're getting rejected with "no pedestrian access" despite my efforts. I haven't given up yet, but it's definitely annoying yup.

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    I just came here to point out that some mailboxes are specifically designed and placed to be used by people in their vehicles, so not ALL mailboxes have safe pedestrian access. You would have to look at the mailbox individually to determine if it has safe pedestrian access.

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