The most underwhelming fake attempt

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Friend of mine had the worst fake attempt ever for review. It simply shows evrything, what is wrong with wayfarer:

first things, one can see here:

  • Picture is obviously taken from a PC-Screen -> Abuse.
  • the town is known for Fakes, appears on the German black list, provided by different social media channels, and in some threads here


Title: Residential Home for disabled people

Description: Residential Home for disabled people by organization Invitas


Yes, I'm sure they do, because they are in a highly prioritized cell with a speed of only a few days. Evrything there gets reviewed ery fast, while only 10km north evryone has to wait for over a year for a reviewing results. So I'm sure the people there never took a look at wayfarer and/or the criteria. They simply don't have a reason. Otherwise their fakes would be better ....

They can mass submit there bad fakes. Some of them may pass .... and they get what they want. This is totally annoying and unacceptible, that Niantic still uses this prioritization algorithm since ever!

But lets go on:

Did you really expect that something here fits together? Nope, so location does not too.

According to google this recognizable shaped building is part of the Invitas organisation, but its still not the one from the submitted pictures. No villa with red roofs anywhere to see there, no park area like in the picture anywhere to see .....

And now the biggest piece of **** they produced:

supporting statement:

the people with physical handicaps, who live there, can't go for a walk. It would be a great relief to have a pokestop close by to enjoy the game in a wheelchair

This c0ckiness to push their own fake couch spot attempt using this bad tear jerker is sooooo subhuman. Please ban the "wayfinder" who did this from wayfarer.

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